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Glensound Portable Hearing Aid Loop Amplifier For Outside Broadcast

This is a simple to use, but highly practical hearing aid loop amplifier designed to withstand the rigours of outside broadcast use. It is mains operated and drives 1 loop from a zero level balanced input.

The loop can be any size up to 200 square metres, and the unit has a front panel rotary switch for setting the correct current for loop size. The loop cable can be either a standard audio mic cable (XLR connection) or any suitable cable connected to the screw terminals.
An input gain control and inbuilt compressor circuit ensure that the correct audio level is sent to the loop.

A headphone socket is provided to listen to the audio signal being sent to the loop.

As can be seen from the picture this is a very rugged piece of outside broadcast equipment and unlike domestic hearing aid loop amplifiers this professional piece of equipment will provide excellent results and survive life on the road.


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